Thursday, June 3, 2010

his first impression was he thought it was really cool.
the thing that capurtued his attion was the snowmobiles and the other motor power toys and the cool picture of the fall.
the thing that distracted him was the mr.T quotes and the other tools on my blog.
he said that i should have more blogs and more pictures of what im writing about.
i had about 20 blogs and most of them were school based.
i recived about 5 comments from classmates and some from the teacher but i also got alot from other people. the post that recived the most was the one about my christmas vaction it had alot of comments i think because it was very intresting.
the one i had most fun on was the one that said what are your favorite things to do and i put like hunting snowmobiling and riding mototrcycles and fishing.
i changed some things because they didnt make sense.
i have 5 i don't think it is to much because it would be cool to have way more.